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About the Pitch

Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch is a contest created to enable the young innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs to present their idea to the industry and get validation, feedback, mentoring and funding.

E-NNOVATE was conceptualized as a global enabler platform for the inventor and innovator community to showcase their innovations to the world and tranform their ideas to income generating models. The Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch is an arm of E-NNOVATE that facilitates the realization of this goal. We welcome all the young innovators out there to take part in the Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch 2024!

P.S. The innovators need to be under the age of 25 years to take part in "Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch"on the day of making the pitch. If the idea belongs to a team, then the youngest member of the team should be under 25 years of age on the day of making the pitch.

How to participate in the Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch 2024?

S.No. Details
Step 1 Register your innovation for E-NNOVATE 2024. Click here to resgiter!. You may also contact your respective Country Delegates by clicking here!
Step 2 Create your account on E-NNOVATE portal. The Organizer will share the registration guide each applicant after the application form is successfully submitted.
Step 3 Follow the registration guide and prepare the necessary content to upload on to the E-NNOVATE portal.
Step 4 Update your innovation related details and pitch related details. Please note that the innovation presentation activities and the pitch presenration activities are saperate and independent.

Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch 2024 Timeline

S.No. Milestone Date
1 Registration of innovation for E-NNOVATE 2024. Click here to resgiter! 15th April 2024
2 Application for Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch. Click here to know more! 25th April 2024
3 Shortlisting of Applications for Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch. The shortlisted applicants will be contacted by the organizer. 1st May 2024

Young E-NNOVATOR Pitch 2024 Benefits!


Receive mentoring from top industry mentors, scientists and investors. Transform your ideas to income.


Top performing innovators will be receive funding from IBS Global as a token of appreciation. Take your innovation to next level!


Top performing innovators will get a chance to present their innovation for free in one of the IBS Global partner International Innovation events.