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Design and application of a community epidemic prevention intelligent recycling robot

Description: In the context of rapid development of industrialization and global pneumonia epidemic, and noticing personnel in front line were busy and chaotic especially during the peak of epidemic, we designed a smart robot to participate in this disease prevention and control war. Robots work for people during epidemic reduce risk of people cross-infection, save labor cost and improve work efficiency.

This research takes a medical waste disposal system based on community epidemic prevention smart recycling robots as a research task. The purpose of this research is to seize the current opportunities for the rapid development of artificial intelligence and industrial robots, and start to study smart recycling robots in response to the impact of the Covid-19. In response to problems such as hospital waste pollution and resource recovery, reduce human and financial investment, and reduce the risk of virus transmission during the epidemic.

Organisation: The Affiliated School of the University of Macau

Innovator(s): Leong Si Sam, Shi Zhuang Hao, Wang Ka Kuan, Hong Yu Ting, Chang Chan Chong

Category: Electronics and IoT

Country: Macau SAR

Gold Award