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Description: To meet drivers’ expectations we have created the “ParKing” application. This Internet application is innovative and allows monitoring and managing the parking lot in an easy way. ParKing was created in order to help large companies employing a great number of people. The person who manages the parking lot creates the virtual counterpart of it by using the setup wizard and assigning drivers to appropriate places. The user can confirm the arrival at the assigned place by using the phone application. Thanks to this application, drivers would be able to book their parking space for instance in their workplace. Our solution, thanks to its easy and transparent interface, allows you to create a virtual parking lot and manage it from the administrator level.

"Parking" project consist of web application for administrator and phone app for users. In web application administrator creates account from which he can manage users and his virtual parking lot. In phone application users can mark their presence on their place, set parking time harmonogram, and share their space with other users for the time they won't be using it. After logging in the web application administrator is directed to main page with brief description of our project. From there he can go to Administrator Panel. Here he is able to add users (individually or by importing csv file with users data) and assign them to parking places. There is also a list of all users which displays their name, allocated parking space index (or information that they're not assigned yet), and information whether they're parked or not. Administrator have also access to parking lots display where he can go to Parking Creator and create new parking or update existing one. In Parking Creator administrator make virtual sibling of real parking. System of templates allows to put on the plan places with adequate dimensions and index them. He can also assign users to places. After logging in phone app, with a password assigned by administrator, user goes to main panel where he can check if he is currently parked or not. If user is not assigned to any place he will be presented with a list of all available places. He have also access to share panel for setting a date on which his place will be avaible for other users. He can also choose for which user specifically he will be sharing place. We believe that our project can help big companies manage their parkings and human resources.

Organisation: Technical High School number 6 named after Jan III Sobieski in Jastrzębie-Zdrój

Innovator(s): Dawid Krok, Pawel Kaplon, MSc Eng. Marcin Lasak, MSc Eng. Krzysztof Smyczek

Category: Young inventors

Country: Poland

Gold Award