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Smart System to Body Fever Screening and Face Recognition Surveillance

Description: All the world secure resources for the fight against COVID-19, the demand for technologies that promise to detect symptomatic individuals has been sky-high. However, not all proposed solutions work as advertised. Temperature Measurement is already being implemented as a means of detecting people with fever-like symptoms in high-traffic areas such as hospital entrances, shopping centers, and office buildings, and potentially mass-attendance sporting, Airports, universities, schools and religious events with a public presence when they resume are very dangerous because of the transmission of infection and it is difficult to identify the infected persons. Without a real and effective system that checks and can identify and direct people show up as having high temperatures to further assessment and isolate them to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 ... as well as terrorists and bad people and criminals.

The most traditional tools for measuring temperatures are the ones used to assess hospital patients for fever, such as mouth, ear, and rectal thermometers. However, to bring patients that tools currently, it is a must to be in contact with people, but compared that tools this system is contactless and it has the multifunctional as follows: 1- Can be the temperature detection of the 30 people at one time. 2- Face recognition to detect the Black list. 3- Alarmin for not wearing a mask detection. 4- Built-in Alarm Sound. 5- Easy in Use (No need Computer or Software) just plug and play with any monitor through HDMI port. 6- High accuracy with 5 meters distance. 7- The efficiency less than or equal to ≤ 100 person temperature screening in a minute. 8- Support (lock/unlock the doors) by an electric lock. This solution to detect the people they have symptoms of corona virus The idea is not new, but the new innovative features make the system more intelligence. I integrated the hardware and software powered Artificial Intelligence In this system I use thermal and visible sensors. All the hardware and software work by Lunix operation system. With strong algorithm of the artificial intelligence. all that functions is Built-in the system. no need any computer anymore.



Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: Iraq

Gold Award