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Safe Electrical Stimulation device

Description: The mechanism of the device work is to convert the unsafe power to a safe power as a kinetic energy to convert to potential energy to be added to the natural body energy the result of the new energy has a big power...Also in the stimulation for cancer cells the PH will be changed from acidity to Alkalinity which cause to turn the harmful and destructive cell to a weak cell.

Electrical stimulation - a revolution in the world of medicine Electric stimulation therapy gives hope to every patient who has no hope of chemotherapy Treatment with safe medical electrical stimulation device The device has a patent no. (4225) on 8/6/2015 and acts as a physical base and has medical results to treat incurable and chronic diseases The idea of the device The device covers the deadly electricity into a safe energy that reaches to all members und cells of the body through the circulatory system and the nervous system as it the transformed into Internet that is added to the natural energy of the human body resulting and the outcome of the two energies, which have great ability to stimulate and activate the efficiency of the immune system of the human body physically, that eliminates diseases and their cases in cells such as viruses, bacteria. germs and toxins that enter the human body its different ways It also activate the endocrine glands the device keeps the PH of the cell chemically equal. When there is a defect in the oxygen of the cell for the above, sugars are converted by fermentation into Lactic acid and the cell tums from neutral between 72, 7 into acidic und negatively charged. When negativity increase the weakness of the immune system increases too, causing the spread of diseases and the sickle cell may firm into a cancerous one, The electrical stimulation increases the chemical PH value of the cell to more than 78. The disease cell changes from acidic to alkaline and from negative to positive and become a well cell. This the theory of the 1932 Nobel Winning German scientist Warburg. Cancerous cells that are physically weak Therapeutic effect of electrical stimulation: - Reconstruction of new blood vessels (Revascularization) - Ro regulation of electricity of cell (stabilization + ve & ve ions of cells a result of disease, this imbalance occurs in the electrical charge of the cell, leading to symptoms of the disease Relieving the disease symptoms - Reorganization of the immune system, bringing it back to normal - Rebuild of the nerves

Organisation: Alkhattat

Innovator(s): Hikmat Faraj Naoom

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: Iraq

Gold Award