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Medicinal Spray Formulation from Cannabis Plant (cannabis sativa L.) to Improve the Quality of Life of Parkinson’s Patients

Description: Medicinal Spray Formulation from Cannabis Plant (cannabis sativa L.) to Improve the Quality of Life of Parkinson’s Patients

In this invention, after extracting cannabis plant by ASE device and concentrating the obtained extract by rotary distillation device, medicinal spray formulation was done. Then, 40 volunteer patients with Parkinson's disease (male and female) were selected based on the neurologist's diagnosis and medical documentation according to the inclusion criteria. After completing the demographic questionnaire, these patients were evaluated and examined by a specialist. Medicinal spray was prescribed for patients with a certain dose for 3 months. The clinical symptoms of the patients were evaluated at the beginning, at the end of the first month and at the end of the third month along with PDQ-39 and UPDRS questionnaires during 3 months and at the end statistical data analysis was done using SPSS software. Medicines prepared from hemp are all using purified compounds of THC and CBD, and therefore, they have problems with extraction, extraction and purification, or these purified compounds have to be obtained by paying heavy costs. Manufacturing companies have purchased such compounds at high prices. The technical knowledge of obtaining the selected genotypes of medicinal cannabis plants native to Iran and obtaining the phytochemical profile of their effective compounds, which genetically have the potential to produce a significant percentage with a proportional combination of THC and CBD effective substances simultaneously, as well as the technical knowledge of the extraction method. The extract from the selected genotypic samples is the important subject of the present invention and the advantage that has been carried out during applied research and obtained in this claim, and based on this method, there is no need to carry out difficult and expensive steps to purify the intended extract for formulation. It is not a medicine.

Organisation: IRTI, Iran.

Innovator(s): Sahand Akbari, Negin Mansouri, Haniyeh Ghassabzadeh Alamdari, Zahra Najafi Arab, Seyed Mehrad Razavi

Category: Pharma

Country: Iran

Gold Award