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A method of recovering copper(II) from acidic solutions, especially from waste and digestive solutions.


Abstract: The present invention relates to a method of recovering copper(II) ions from acidic solutions, in particular from waste and digestive solutions. The essence of the invention is the method of solvent extraction of copper(II) ions using 2,6-bis (4-methoxybenzoyl) -diaminopyridine as the extractant. It was found that 99% of the copper(II) ions were recovered from the acidic solutions using a 0.001 M solution of 2,6-bis(4-methoxybenzoyl) -diaminopyridine in chloroform. Application: recovery of copper(II) and other metal ions from post-production waste, groundwater, waste and digestive solutions, recovery of copper(II) ions from acidic solutions. Area of Innovation: low production costs of the extractant (2,6-bis(4-methoxybenzoyl) - diaminopyridine), the possibility of regeneration and reuse of the extractant in the process and high process efficiency, reduction of the amount of toxic wastewater generated in the company, company savings in the case of re-use of the raw material recovered from waste and / or significant reduction of costs related to the storage and / or disposal of waste, positive impact on the protection of the natural environment, which is very important from the point of view of the sustainable development of the country.

Organisation: Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): mgr inż. Bożejewicz Daria, dr inż. Witt Katarzyna, dr hab. inż. Ośmiałowski Borys, dr hab. Kaczorowska Małgorzata

Category: Chemistry

Country: Poland

Gold Award