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Obtaining of cadmium sulphide films by chemical deposition

Description: This work obtains CdS films via eco-friendly chemical deposition and analyzes their composition, thickness, and spectrum using various methods. Two reaction mixtures are used to deposit CdS films on glass substrates, which have semiconducting properties. Film thickness is measured gravimetrically.

The work aims to obtain films of cadmium sulphide by chemical deposition, establish the films' thickness, qualitative composition and analyse their spectrum for further research on scientific equipment. A brief description of the method of obtaining cadmium sulphide films using a simple and cheap chemical deposition method is provided. According to literature references, the chemical reagents which are necessary for carrying out the deposition reaction of the preferred product in film form are listed. Obtaining a cadmium sulphide film is carried out by immersing the substrate in the reaction mixture for a specific temperature and time. Chemical reagents, which are necessary for the chemical deposition of CdS films were selected. Two reaction mixtures were prepared, and CdS films were deposited on the glass substrates. The obtained CdS films were analysed on an X-ray diffractometer and an optical spectrophotometer. It has been confirmed that the obtained films consist of cadmium sulphide compound and have semiconducting properties. The average film thickness was calculated using the gravimetric method.

Organisation: National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” under the auspices of UNESCO

Innovator(s): Darii Kuzminskyi

Category: Chemistry

Country: Ukraine

Gold Award