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Method for obtaining poly (vinyl chloride)/graphene nanocomposites with increased dispersibility of nanofillers


Abstract: The essence of the invention is the method of obtaining poly (vinyl chloride) nanocomposites with graphene by the solvent method, characterized in that an extract of the Curcuma longa L rhizome is added to the PVC suspension solution in tetrahydrofuran. Graphene is added to the mixture thus obtained, followed by sonication of the mixture obtained. with the help of ultrasound. The dispersion prepared in this way is poured into flat molds and the solvent is evaporated by known methods. After separating the foil from the mold, a poly (vinyl chloride) / graphene nanocomposite is obtained. Application: preparation of polymer nanocomposites with improved graphene dispersion transport of a stable graphene dispersion in the development of PVC between individual technological nodes, e.g. in the spray application of polymer protective layers as polymer protective layers as active membranes with an anti-microbial effect Innovation consists in: Application of turmeric extract as a dispersant of natural origin for the preparation of poly (vinyl chloride) nanocomposites with graphene. The use of the extract is an alternative to the use of compounds harmful to health and the environment, usually used to improve the dispersion of graphene in polymer nanocomposites. Lowering the production costs of nanocomposites by reducing the cost of the dispersant.

Organisation: Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): mgr inż. Wilczewski Sławomir, dr inż. Skórczewska Katarzyna, dr inż. Lewandowski Krzysztof, dr inż. Szulc Joanna, dr hab. inż. Tomaszewska Jolanta

Category: Chemistry

Country: Poland

Gold Award