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Add-on Eye Dropper for Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Description: Add-on Eye Dropper for Patients with Parkinson's Disease

When using eye drops, people with problems such as lack of vision and control, frequent blinking, putting too much pressure on the eyelids to keep the eyes open by hand, pouring liquid drops around the eyes, as well as lack of control to pour liquid drops in The desired place (corner of the eye or the center of the eye) and the contamination of the hands are facing each other. If a person has hand tremors, putting drops into the eyes by himself becomes impossible. People with Parkinson's are not able to put drops in their eyes. The severe shaking of these people's hands is considered a major defect in their daily life and has made these people suffer from limitations. The above invention is designed to fix this defect and help these people, and henceforth people with hand tremors will be able to put and use eye drops in their eyes with their hands and without others' help. The design made in this invention controls the tremor of the hands of people with Parkinson's disease when putting drops in the eyes and provides better conditions for these people without the help of others. The dropper extension can be obtained from all medical centers and medical supplies in the city. It is very easy and straightforward to use, and it provides conditions for use by the patient alone. This plan has solved the problem of hand tremors of people with low concentration or patients with Parkinson's and has reduced the concern of the patient asking for help from other people. By introducing the benefits of the plan, it is possible to use it in all health and treatment centers, hospitals, clinics, ophthalmologists, and all members of society, especially Parkinson's patients. Due to the fact that the components of this system are available in the market, companies active in the field of medical equipment manufacturing can easily build and produce this system. Our targeted community is patients with Parkinson's disease and patients with vision and eye problems who can easily use the medicine they need at home or outside.

Organisation: 1. Azad University-Tehran-Iran. 2. Khord school- Fars - Iran. 3. Payam Noor University- Behbahan- Iran. 4. Ahrar University-Gilan- Iran.

Innovator(s): Arash Jahantabzadeh, Fatemeh Khademi, Kayvan Jahantabzadeh, Dadmehr Abdollahzadeh Rad

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: Iran

Gold Award