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Extraction of Water from Air Moisture Using a Net Impregnated with Porous Nanoparticles of an Metal-Organic Framework and Sampling from the Trees of Rainforests


Today, the water shortage has become a big crisis in many countries. Many methods have been devised to deal with this problem. One of them is using air moisture and Turing it into drinking water. Unlike other methods such as desalination, this method does not harm the environment; However, this solution has not been given much attention due to the lack of produced water and usable areas. This research tried to increase the amount of water extracted from the air by using nanoparticles of metal-organic frameworks. Due to its hollow and multifaceted structure, this material traps water droplets and thus helps in water extraction. Frames absorb liquids quickly, releasing them even in dry conditions and when there is sunlight. Also, this frame also transfers heat and therefore does not need a heat pump, and the design cost is reduced. For this purpose, cobalt/carbon-based aluminum-metal framework nanopowder was made using methanol, cobalt nitrate, 2-methylimidazole ligand, and ethanol. Also, nets with vertical, mesh, and rhombus shapes made of plastic, fabric, cotton, and metal were immersed in this material. After drying, the amount of water extracted from each net type was measured. As a result, it was observed that the net model of the vertical model taken from the trees of rain-producing forests, which was impregnated with nanoparticles, had the highest amount of water production at the same time and in the same conditions.

Organisation: Farzanegan 7 Highschool, Tehran, Iran

Innovator(s): Misa Mazraeh, Tara Tavakoli, Marziyeh Azadfalah

Category: Environment

Country: Iran

Gold Award