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Robot Guard Protecting Kids and Elderly People to Face Corona Virus

Description: This Robot can protect kids and elderly people from Corona virus. It can entertain the kids by reading stories for them. Elderly people and kids can use it to make video calls.

I worked on programming this robot using different sensors. This Robot is used to disinfect the atmosphere and it can also carry bags from room to another room. Individuals can program this Robot remotely and they can make video calls. It is programmed to be a self-guard for kids and elderly people so it can make a video call automatically if any stranger is in the home. The Robot can be used to deliver medicine to patients diagnosed with Covid-19, reducing human contact and thus the possibility of additional infections. I programmed this robot to be a valuable partner in times of crisis.

Organisation: Touch Education

Innovator(s): Moussa Sweidan

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award