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MicroLogic Faraj Group Oxyginator System

Description: A new technology may make it possible… A recently discovered technology facilitates the chemical breakdown of water into its elemental components, hydrogen and oxygen, by using a manganese-containing compound. The compound, chemical formula: [H2O (therapy)MN(O)2Mn(therapy)OH2](NO3)3 acts as a catalyst in a chemical reaction that produces hydrogen and oxygen gas from liquid water. The task assigned to our group was to develop a profitable process using this oxygen-evolving complex (OEC) to produce oxygen from water.

We lacked the necessary experience to know the Oxygen Production system, the way it works, its importance and its specifications, and at the instigation of the management of the work team, we began carrying out research and studies in general knowledge of the idea and then expanded by entering the details up to completion and implementation. The goal was to reach a design that is quick to implement and takes into account the required conditions and includes all the features required globally Indeed, MicroLogic began to search and see the designs executed by creators in the countries and conducted several models studies, and the team was able to obtain complete maps of the Oxygen Production system produced International Inventors and companies and Our team made a lot of studies on these models began to reach the design

Organisation: MicroLogic Faraj Group - Lebanon, Lebanese Innovators society LIS

Innovator(s): Eng. Ali Hassan Faraj

Category: Energy

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award