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MicroLogic Faraj Group Complex Ventilator Ver 1

Description: This device helps the injured to breathe in the event of difficulty in doing so. Ventilator tubes are attached to the patient's airways to help him breathe. In general, during the breathing process, oxygen enters your lungs and carbon dioxide from it, but in the event of infection with the new coronavirus, the virus may cause fluid to accumulate in the lungs, causing difficulty breathing. Here comes the need to use a ventilator to pump oxygen to the lungs.

With the beginning of the Corona crisis and the emergence of the urgent need for respiratory devices, and with the limited availability in Lebanese hospitals, and because we are in MicroLogic, we would not fail to fulfill our duty towards the homeland and citizens, and we will not stand idly by and we see the urgent need for this system, and in the end we will not be able to see the suffering of the patients, then serious work, research and studies have begun To enter this field. After reviewing several models and what the innovations in this field have reached globally between different countries and after obtaining designs and plans for global breathing apparatus such as Medtronic and Apollo, luck was an ally of the company’s working team and began developing preliminary designs, implementation and amendment, up to the system that we present to you today, which is a prototype of A series of models that we will modify and implement later on and named it Faraj Complex Version 1. As for the models that we will release later, there is a remarkable technological development in terms of reports and complex operations, but in this model we were able to perform the main tasks required and later we develop.

Organisation: MicroLogic Faraj Group - Lebanon, Lebanese Innovators society LIS

Innovator(s): Eng. Ali Hassan Faraj

Category: Energy

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award