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A supramolecular technology that can improve the extraction efficiency and bioavailability of functional food ingredients

Description: PATENT(s): CN 202310679866.9

Nature generally possesses supramolecular structures, which are formed by intermolecular forces, such as DNA double helix structures. Supramolecular chemistry is a technology that manipulate molecules into self-assembly. ShineHigh invent and designed state of art supramolecular extraction solvent called NaDES, commonly known as natural deep eutectic solvent based on quantum chemistry, density functional theory and high-throughput computer screening. NaDES can overcome the limitations of conventional extracts with low solubility, poor stability, low adsorption in the gastrointestinal tract and poor bioavailability, negatively impacting their pharmacological activitiesAfter optimizing the liquid supramolecular system of NaDES under ambient temperatures, it can selectively target certain active components, attach to them by intermolecular forces and efficiently extract them out of natural plants. Also, the supramolecular extracts contain more pharmacological and active sites and structures for better physiological effects.We have successfully invented supramolecular solvent consisting of food grade and edible carnitine and citric acid and use it to extract Ganoderma lucidum. The total content of triterpenes and polysaccharides increased by 5.9- and 4.6-fold, respectively, compared to that of ethanol and water extracts. Our green and ecological technology of NaDES directional extraction can be customized and designed in terms of solvent composition, polarity, and efficacy for a wide range of active components. A series of betaine-based NaDES was invented for the extraction of alkaloids in Coptis chinensis. The bioavailability of the alkaloids is 20 times higher than that of traditional water extraction, several times higher than that of alcohol solvents. Focusing on the research of supramolecular extraction technology is not only the scientific exploration of ShineHigh Innovation Laboratory, but also our efforts for the progressiveness of the great natural ingredients worldwide.

Organisation: Guangdong Zhiya Shijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd .

Innovator(s): Guangdong Zhiya Shijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: China

Gold Award