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Bionique® Lifeunlock No. 1 - The first 7-dimensional anti-aging capsule

Description: PATENT(s): CN201610227302 .1

Developing a daily supplement with scientific evidence supporting health aging is urgently needed. Before formulation, we unprecedentedly developed a high-through put system for screening out highly effective ingredients from our library of functional ingredients including 12,000 herbal extracts. First, we developed a microfluidic “Fish-Trap” array could automatically achieve multi-dimensional, continuous, automated, and synchronized collection of zebrafish physiological and behavior data. By supplementing different drugs targeting the 12 anti-aging pathways, we analyze and cluster zebrafish brain physiological and behavioral data using machine learning algorithms. As similar data would have an association with a functional category that covers a set of compounds, we defined 12 anti-aging functional clusters by supplementing over 100 known drugs and analyzing data with machine learning algorithms. For instance, the clusters of Class 1 and Class 2, have significant overlap with known drugs that regulate intestinal dysbiosis and mitochondrial dysfunction. The computationally identified functional clusters provides a drug-screening strategy that does not require any prior knowledge of a chemical structure. A specific functional ingredient is easily revealed and identified by associating it to a specific functional cluster. Then by using this advanced artificial intelligence technology, we have screened out 10 ingredients targeting 7 anti-aging path ways including epigenetics, telomeres and so on. For instance, the combination of cordycepin, amino acids and apigenin could wake up the DNA repair enzymes PARPs and the longevity gene family Situins, thus enhancing DNA damage repair ability and protecting the correct transmission of genetic codes. Finally we developed this formulation and product called LIFEUNLOCK No.1. Not only does it covers 7 core aging targets to activate the human anti-aging code, but also scientists and engineers from Australian Unicorn Pharmaceutical Company committed to realize it into a real daily supplement. Our state of art product and advance screening technology have been awarded by different international events and patented in the USA, China and Europe.

Organisation: Bio-E Australia Pty Ltd

Innovator(s): Bio-E Australia Pty Ltd

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: China

Gold Award