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Bio-inspired excitation-based on-orbit deviation identification for satellite reaction wheel

Description: PATENT(s): ZL202311626137.3、ZL202410125706.4、ZL202311635163.2、 ZL201910778318.5、US9694918 B1

Ultra-high accuracy attitude pointing of satellite poses extremely high requirements for the actuator output accuracy. As one key actuator of satellite, reaction wheel is inevitably affected by some deviations caused by partial loss of effectiveness and deadzone. Therefore, the autonomous on-orbit identification and compensation technology of reaction wheel output deviation needs to be overcome. However, the reaction wheel output deviation is mixed and coupled with other time-varying disturbances (e.g., flexible vibration of solar array), such that the traditional disturbance estimation technologies are no longer applicable. Inspired by the “striking” and “pecking” excitation behaviors of human beings and animals, the autonomous on-orbit identification technology of output deviation is invented for satellite reaction wheel. The identification and compensation of reaction wheel deviation parameters including effectiveness indicator and deadzone bandsizes have been accomplished, by “isolating” the effects of time-varying disturbances. Experiment tests are conducted for reaction wheel under multiple conditions and application scenarios, which has demonstrated the technology effectiveness. We have published ten journal papers, and authorized 5 China and U.S. patents. This indentation can provide technological support for precise space missions (e.g., earth observation).

Organisation: Beihang University

Innovator(s): Yukai Zhu, Yangyang Cui, Yongjian Yang, Hao Teng, Baopeng Zhu .

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: China

Gold Award