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Key technology for calibration of cable current-carrying capacity and emergency load based on dynamic thermal parameters of each layer of high-voltage cables

Description: PATENT(s): 202310282597.2;202310482771.8

Using the developed thermal parameter detection equipment and related software to select a 1.5-meter cable sample to realize automatic analysis and calculation of the dynamic thermal parameters of the various layers of the structure of cables of different voltage levels, different specifications and sizes, and different years of operation, to support the calibration of the carrying capacity and the emergency load, and to explore the transmission potential of the line.

Organisation: Chaozhou Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd, Chaozhou, Guangdong, China.; South China University of Technology, China.

Innovator(s): Chaozhou Power Supply Bureau, South China University of Technology; Xiao Yong, Dou Peng, Cheng Xiangmao, Zhang Han, Qiu Canshu, Liu Gang.

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: China

Silver Award