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JANE – Cure Or Disease

Description: J.A.N.E. application aims to differentiate between the different kinds of medicine according to their efficiency. The patent drug, the generic drug, and the counterfeit. Then shed light upon the problem of medicine in the 3rd world countries.

Most counterfeited drugs are related to cancer and malaria. Many cancer medicines are found to contain water only. The medicine produced in the Far East is not sufficiently checked; here are some statistics: • 36% of Anti-Malaria drugs are counterfeit • 500% investing in counterfeit medicine earns five time more than investing in cocaine. • Millions die each year because of drug counterfeit. • 10% of the world medicine is counterfeit. • Suggested solution: Lebanese innovators society suggests the following: • The immediate intervention of the UN to ensure the distribution of safe drugs and to enlighten people about this problem. • Put a code on the drug, so that either SMS or scanner could verify it.

Organisation: Lebnese Innovators’ Society

Innovator(s): Nour Eid Lattouf – Joy Lattouf – Adam Ralph Najem

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award