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MicroLogic Faraj Group School Professional Information System

Description: After a lot of researches I have done on several schools strategies and how work is done in each, I found that most of schools face a lot of problems daily to come with all work done and the problem becomes greater during the time of registration where the problems occurs in a very high levels causing workers to become stress and work hard to do their job. From this point, the SPIMS concept was Created.

SPIMS is a new solution for all the problems that occur in all schools it is bigger a lot than a school system and it tackles all the problems that occur in school. More Over, SPIMS is known as an MIS that covers all the departments that the school is consisted of in case of Students, Teachers, Finance, Supervisors, Managers, Library, Medical Treatment , Stocks and Transportation and even more than this level. Some people can compare it as a semi operating system since I am planning to include a messenger, telephone dialer, calendar, Address Book, word editor and explorer …… Others say about the system that is an MIS with a large price …. But until now I can say only that SPIMS is a small system that helps teaching department to track students and teachers and teaching stages in an easy way in addition to attendance and grades. And I can say that SPIMS is the first step of too much steps that I will go through later to finish the Grand version of SPIMS that reach all the considerations and opinions I mentioned before. Until now I can deliver only the first part of my system that discuss the students and teachers issues but later the system will become bigger to cover all the school departments and become helpful for all school workers. Now, SPIMS is considered as a small baby and it is the first step from a lot of steps that will be continued later.

Organisation: MicroLogic Faraj Group - Lebanon, Lebanese Innovators society LIS

Innovator(s): Eng. Ali Hassan Faraj

Category: Information Technology

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award