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MicroLogic Faraj Group Car Bazar System

Description: The Cars trade is the most important action followed successfully to day in all the world since it consists of several steps that any person working in this major should follow to make the mission ends successfully since the one who work with cars trading should buy the cars from the Manufacturer who is settled in some country in the world then he should transport it to the country where he will sell the car, which means that he will pay money for each step such as: costs, taxes, transportation …etc. In the other hand, the final step for the car is selling it in the show room the thing that leads to the need for the BAZAR System

Long description (max 700 characters) CARS BAZAR 2020 is the solution for all the problems that occur in all BAZAR's it is much larger than a BAZAR system and it solves all the problems that occur in BAZAR's. More Over, CARS BAZAR 2020 is a Management Information 7 System that completes all the parts that the BAZAR is consisted of in case of Clients, Marks and Types, Depot, Sales, Lists, Reports and even more than that. It is a semi operating system since I decide to include a telephone dialer, Message Sender, Job Notes, phone Book … and all these enhancements could be found in the complete system in the future. I say about my system that it is a professional solution and I hope to sell for a large price …. But until now I can say only that CARS BAZAR 2020 is my first small system that helps BAZARS to track Cars and Clients and Car Sale stages in an easy way in addition to Marks, Types and Reports. And i can say that CARS BAZAR 2020 is the first step of too much steps that I will go through later to finish the final version of CARS BAZAR 2020 that reach all considerations and ideas I talk about before. Until now I will deliver only the first part of my system that covers Cars info and Clients issues but later the complete system will become larger to solve all the BAZAR departments' problems and become used with all BAZAR workers. Now, CARS BAZAR 2020 will be delivered as a trial version and it is the first step from a lot of steps that will be continued later.

Organisation: MicroLogic Faraj Group - Lebanon, Lebanese Innovators society LIS

Innovator(s): Eng. Ali Hassan Faraj

Category: Transport and Logistics

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award