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Technology of rock weathering into soil,fertility improvement of immature soil and remediation of degraded soil

Description: PATENT(s): CN202310881503.3; ZL202320718875.X;ZL201910635145.1;ZL202020495248.0;ZL202210965671.6

Addressing the issues of soil scarcity and vegetation restoration challenges in mining areas, we accelerate the weathering of minerals into soil and create soil in these areas for ecological restoration. In mountainous regions where stones are abundant and soil is scarce, and the immature soil is infertile, we utilize a self-designed biomass pyrolysis device to accelerate mineral decomposition and reconstruction, thereby enriching the immature soil. In plain areas, soil degradation issues such as pollution, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and continuous cropping obstacles are addressed by eliminating allelopathic substances and pollutants through biomass pyrolysis, thereby improving degraded soil. This technology boasts functions such as soil formation, fertilization, sterilization, carbon sequestration, and heavy metal passivation, enabling comprehensive management and resource utilization of various soil issues.

Organisation: Kunming University of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): Haoran Song; Jie Li; Senlin Tian; Longyu Chen; Xuewei Hu; Chen Li; Xiangfen Cui; Yan Cao; Linfeng Zhang; Qun Zhao

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: China

Gold Award