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MicroLogic Faraj Group Hotel Management System

Description: After the splash screen ends a login screen should appears in order to access the system so you can use (admin) as a user name and password to log. You can put the user name and password then press on the admin login button below to enter the main page After Logging in correctly with the correct user name and password, a screen appears as above in order to edit users and passwords and only the administrator can edit users, and when you finish you can press main to be able to input data for reservation and check in and check out.

After pressing main, the main menu will appear that contains several forms such as check in, check out and reservation with a menu that perform several jobs. The check in page is used to enter data for guest such as: age, name, date of arrival, phone number and you can view rooms status in order to assign a room number for the guest. The reservation page is used to make a new reservation for the new guest and also it contains data for all guests in the hotel The check out page is used to record data about the guest who made check out from the hotel with the time and the date and gives the bill amount for the guest in order to pay money fro the hotel receptionist You can choose Utilities >> to view different jobs such as room status and you can view and print reports or view hotel statistics such as occupancy.

Organisation: Lebanese Innovators society LIS

Innovator(s): Ali Faraj

Category: Information Technology

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award