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Description: The invention is meant to be an economical and environmentally friendly mean of transport in the city, where most of the time you are driving alone, so this car is replacing the classic 5 seat cars with 1 seat car, but keeping a personal comfort similar to that provided by above mentioned classic cars.

The bodywork is compact, formed from a half of an ovoid. The carriage is elliptical and has four wheels arranged in the peaks of a rhombus. Driving wheels are equipped with hub motors. All wheels can turn synchronously independently to achieve the direction of movement and are mounted in an identical manner, each one having a fork, suspension springs, shock absorbers and power steering. There is no reverse gear. The classic steering wheel is missing and all the driving is done from a joystick that can be controlled with one hand. By changing the lever of the joystick ensures both changing directions, and changing the speed and braking. From an ergonomic control panel disposed on the support of the left hand in order to rotate on the spot, turn signal and climate control. - weight: max. 250 Kg without batteries - max. 400 Kg with batteries; - payload: max. 150 Kg; - maximum speed: 50 Km/h; - length/width/height: 2.5/1.5/1.5 [m]; - autonomy: 60Km; - battery charging time: max. 14 hours for lead batteries/min. 2 hours for lithium-ion batteries; - electric motor power: 2 KW; - battery voltage: 60 V; - cost per 100 Km travelled: equivalent to 1 litre of gasoline. - advanced support while driving; - additional safety systems; - ease of parking; - low-cost price per kilometer; - environmentally friendly, zero emissions; - quick start; - noiseless; - can be charged to an electrical socket at home. This car can be easily manufactured and can serve to improve our lives by having zero-emissions and saving us from buying and using fossil fuels. The cost per kilometer is low, so using electrical energy to travel daily is a big plus to our budget. Also being environmentally friendly, electric cars do not produce harmful particles for our lungs or for nature.

Organisation: „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Romania

Innovator(s): Mihail Aurel ŢÎŢU, Constantin OPREAN, Ioan BONDREA, Ion MĂRGINEAN, Ștefan ȚÎȚU, Alexandru MOLDOVAN, Alexandru BOGORIN-PREDESCU

Category: Transport and Logistics

Country: Romania

Gold Award