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A tool maintenance device

Description: it is common that devices on the market to have only one function, rust prevention or storage, but because of this we need to find extra space and time for doing other things, and in a city where space is at a premium, our device can effectively save unnecessary space, I hope that this project will help schools and small laboratories can prevent the rusting of tools too.

That the nano sponge had a higher oil absorption rate, so we decided to use this sponge. I think one of the main benefits of our unit is that not only does it make the rust prevention process easier and faster, but it also allows you to store your tools and apply rust prevention oil to them at the same time, either on a tool cart or on a tool rack. Because you can store tools at the same time, you save not only time but also space.

Organisation: Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School


Category: Young inventors

Country: Macau SAR

Silver Award