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Dynamic reactive power compensator with harmonic reduction

Description: Dynamic compensator designed for compensation of inductive and capacitive reactive power with an additional distortion power compensation function. The presented solution gives the possibility of low-loss reactive power compensation as well as through the appropriate selection of options we can compensate for the selected harmonic. Patent Application No. P.433831 "Reactive power compensation method and system for implementing this method"

Dynamic compensators have been used replacing traditional capacitor-choke batteries, raising the standard by filtering higher harmonics. We have gained a large reduction of the compensation system's own losses while reducing the amount of apparent power further reducing electricity charges.

Organisation: Grupa Lopi; Lopi Anuszkiewicz i Trzcińscy Sp. J., Lopi elektronika sp. z o.o.

Innovator(s): Andrzej Anuszkiewicz, Bartosz Ostrowski, Mariusz Malinowski, Sebastian Styński, Tomasz Gajowik, Tomasz Święchowicz

Category: Energy

Country: Poland

Gold Award