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The Effectiveness of Plantago Ovata Forssk Extract in Alleviating the Side Effects of Burns in Children

Description: This study demonstrates the potential of Plantago Ovata Forssk extract as a low-cost, effective treatment for alleviating burn side effects in children, highlighting its sustainability and economic benefits.

This research explores the transformation of Plantago Ovata Forssk into a cost-effective, national product for mitigating burns' side effects in children. Through successful experimentation, it demonstrates the extract's efficacy in soothing first-degree burn symptoms, such as redness and irritation. The study highlights its potential in offering economical, environmentally sustainable burn treatments and opens new avenues in alternative medicinal treatments.

Organisation: Alkhansaa Primary School for Girls

Innovator(s): Aisha Ali A A Saifeldin & Mahra Almalki

Category: Pharma

Country: Qatar

Silver Award