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Intelligent Tool Condition Monitoring System for Micro Twist Drill

Description: This invention is about a tool monitoring system which runs alongside a micro drilling process. It integrates several signals’ features that are captured by sensors and based on their fusion, they are capable to identify the tool condition before triggering an alarm prior to tool failure.

Tool’s health during machining is an important thing to check for as it affects the quality of the machined surface. For macro or conventional-sized tool, its poor health condition can be easily detected such as by hearing strange noise or by observing abnormal chip formation. However, for the micro tool, the above indications are very hard to be observed. Leaving the situation unnoticed may result in abrupt tool failure, which in most drilling case, the tiny tooltip got stuck inside a borehole and it is almost impossible to be removed. At this point, a re-work on the workpiece seems very hard, thus this may turn the workpiece into scrap. The invented system utilizes LabVIEW, which integrates signal features that are collected by two different sensors; the hall effects current sensors and acoustic emission sensors. During the actual machining process, four most promising signal features from these sensors are formulated using the event counting method, before they agree that the tool’s condition is getting worse and it has to be withdrawn from the process. From the validation result, the tool utilization (the rate at which tools are called out from the process i.e. alarm is sounded) is recorded at between 60-80%. Advantages/Novelty of Invention: 1. Pioneer system for micro machining application 2. Using low cost/affordable sensors 3. Highly Reliable Signal Features – Faster signal processing and decision making 4. On-line Monitoring

Organisation: Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Innovator(s): Norshah Afizi Shuaib, Mohd Fathullah Ghazali, Amarul Talip, Irfan Abd Rahim, Shayfull Zamree Abd Rahim, Mohd Khairul Fadzly Abu Bakar & Mohd Nasir Mat Saad

Category: Pharma

Country: Malaysia

Gold Award