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Lightweight Geopolymer Concrete with Glass Bubble for Thermal Insulation Applications

Description: By using zero cement used, this development has improved thermal insulation properties of concrete by adding glass bubble which is relevant to reduce the building thermal load especially in hash weather at the same time contribute excellent mechanical properties.

In building development, concrete has play important factors in heating and cooling system of the building which is influenced by outside temperature due to extreme weather that leads to the increase of thermal load. This development represent alternative construction materials to improve the thermal efficiency at the same time excellent mechanical properties. Glass bubble seem to be a new and innovative product which never been use in geopolymer concrete has distinctive properties such as low thermal conductivity, high crush strength and low density. The hollow spherical shape is expected to form a good and enhanced the thermal insulation properties of the concrete.

Organisation: Center of Excellence Geopolymer and Green Technology (CEGeoGTech), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)

Innovator(s): Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Norsuria Mahmed, Rafiza Abdul Razak, Noor Fifinatasha Shahedan, Muhammad Faheem Mohd Tahir, Nurul Aida Mohd Mortar & Andri Kusbiantoro

Category: Energy

Country: Malaysia

Silver Award