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Are you dry? - A controllable floor drain device to prevent virus intrusion

Description: Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 in 2020, there has been a growing awareness of infectious diseases.People are starting to clean their homes more often to make sure they won't get infected by viruses, but there are one area that is often overlooked is the intercepting trap. In the toilets and kitchens of our homes, there are different types of floor drains, and under the floor drain is connected to the intercepting trap. The use of it is to stop odors, bacteria, viruses or other gasses from entering your home through the sewerage. When the water inside the trap is dry or insufficient, the trap will not work.

Since there is no device on the market that can effectively remind people to fill the intercepting traps regularly. So although people are aware of the need to fill the traps with water, they have no way of knowing when the traps will dry up. For the reasons mentioned above, We decided to make a product using arduino mechanical module. We hope that this device will help people understand more about U-bends and prevent tragedies from happening early. First of all, this product is installed on the pipe under the floor drain and U-pipe in your home, this product has two sensors, an electric motor, a switch cover and a light that can remind you when it is time to fill the water, and we will use arduino to realize. When there is no water in the U-pipe, bacteria and odor will grow, so we install a sensor on the U-pipe to detect whether there is enough water in the tube, and if we detect that there is not enough water, then we will order the motor to close the lid to achieve the effect of isolating bacteria and odor, and then the red light will be on to remind you to add water into the tube. Since the lid is closed, when the water is drained from the home, the water will be above the lid, and if too much water is drained, the pipe will be blocked, so another sensor will be installed on the entrance of the pipe under the floor drain. There is another situation where there is not enough water in the U-pipe and not enough water on the lid, so that neither sensor can detect any water, so the red light will come on to remind the need to add water to the tube. This device can be used to detect the amount of water in the water storage bend. When the water is not enough, the device will remind the residents to fill the trap with water.

Organisation: Macau Puiching Middle School


Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: Macau SAR

Gold Award