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zaminDAR - Instantaneous Analysis of Soil Nutrients Using IOT Based Kiosk And Machine Learning.

Description: Traditional soil laboratories consume 1 to 2 weeks of time to provide the farmers with complete analysis of the soil quality. Our Solution is an easily operable kiosk which performs quantitative analysis of nutrients present in the soil instantaneously and generate a report with suggestions of crops suitable for the soil. The report is then communicated to the farmer through a message service. The report also contains fertilizer list suitable for the soil to increase crop yield.

Agriculture being the industry with almost 70% of the country’s workforce requires a lot of attention in terms of advancements in technology. 23.66% of agricultural land is being unutilized due to lack of knowledge on soil fertility. Research shows that this is due to the availability of only 2084 soil laboratories across the country. Farmers with low crop yield need instant soil quality report to cultivate suitable crops to increase crop production. The kiosk machine which is developed to analyse the macro nutrients is fully automatic unlike the traditional manual soil testing methods. Technology used in the device include Spectrometry and colorimetry. Machine learning algorithms are used to determine the suitable crops for the soil based on its parameters along with proper fertilizers for increasing the yield. Report is communicated over message service removing the need to access the internet. • The kiosk model is used to measure the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and pH levels of the soil. • This data is analyzed and list of crops suitable for the soil along with fertilizers required to increase the productivity is generated. • This list is then communicated to the farmer within minutes as an SMS. • The traditional soil laboratories consume a lot of time to perform the soil quality analysis. • There are only 2084 government soil laboratories across the country. • This scarcity of the laboratories calls for a fully automatic device that can be installed in every gram panchayat office where every farmer of the village has easy access and can test his soil for suitable crop suggestions all by himself. • The product can be made of three variants 1. Version 1: A portable probe which can give the qualitative analysis of the soil. 2. Version 2: A kiosk design which provides quantitative analysis of the soil nutrients and suggest the suitable crops and fertilizers. 3. Version 3: An advanced version of the kiosk which considers day to day weather report and monthly market demand of the crops before suggesting the farmers. • With such scalability and feasibility problems related to various farmers sections can be addressed effectively. • The start-up aims at developing a partnership with the government. • The manufactured device can be given to the panchayat of each village under subsidy by the government. • Partnerships with seeds and fertilizer suppliers can be made where their products can be marketed by the suggestions given to the farmers. • Revenue can also be generated from the maintenance services to the device.

Organisation: CropsIT

Innovator(s): Sai Darshan K, Sandeep R, Bhavyasri Y, Tharun Kumar Reddy K

Category: Agriculture

Country: India

Silver Award