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Detonation Nanodiamonds as Part of Smart Composite Paintwork Materials

Description: The aim of the research was to study the effect of nanodiamond particle additives on the physical-mechanical and optical properties of nanocomposite paintwork materials. It was established that nanodiamonds radically change the properties of paints and varnishes, so they can be widely used.

The development of materials using polymer matrix fillers of micron and submicron dispersion levels has largely exhausted itself, having reached a new level of operational characteristics. To achieve breakthrough solutions, it is necessary to use the principles of nanotechnology. Such particles are nanodiamonds — promising carbon nanostructures. There is still no information in the scientific literature about the study of the influence of nanodiamonds as modifiers in paintwork materials. So, the work aimed to study the effect of additives of detonation nanodiamonds on the properties of nanocomposite paintwork materials and predict their further use in various industries. The experimental part of the work describes the methods of preparing coatings based on acrylic dispersion with and without adding nanodiamonds and the methods of studying their properties. The analysis of experimental results made it possible for the first time to determine the optimal concentration of nanodiamonds in coatings to increase relative hardness, heat resistance, and wear resistance and revealed the possibility of creating coatings for aerospace engineering capable of absorbing ultraviolet radiation.

Organisation: National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” under the auspices of UNESCO

Innovator(s): Elina Kamalova

Category: Nanotechnology

Country: Ukraine

Silver Award