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Utilization of Algae-Derived Lipid Droplets for Water Purification Emphasizing Pathogen

Description: This study, in partnership with Qatar University, uses lipid droplets from Qatar's algae to purify water by removing chemicals and bacteria. The method is sustainable, aligning with Qatar's environmental goals and showcasing the potential of natural resources in improving water quality.

This study explores the use of lipid droplets from local algae in Qatar for water purification, in collaboration with Qatar University. Focusing on both chemical contaminants and pathogenic bacteria, the research aims to enhance water purification methods sustainably. The extraction of lipid droplets involved optimized cell disruption and solvent extraction techniques. These droplets demonstrated a high capacity for adsorbing not just heavy metals and organic pollutants, but also pathogenic bacteria, indicating a dual-purpose utility in water treatment. The findings suggest algae-derived lipid droplets are an effective, natural solution for improving water quality, aligning with Qatar’s sustainability goals and highlighting the importance of collaborative research in advancing bio-based technologies for environmental health.

Organisation: Moza Bint Mohamad Primary School for Girls

Innovator(s): Malak Ali S M al- Marri & Maryam Faisal H A Al- Meer

Category: Environment

Country: Qatar