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Composite Vehicle With Climbing and Non-Slip Function

Description: This invention relates to a composite vehicle with climbing and non-slip function, which includes at least a vehicle with a first walls on the left and right sides. Four sets of power wheels are mounted on the front and rear ends of said two first walls, said four sets of power wheels are fixed on the vehicle, and said vehicle is provided with two sets of mutually symmetrical rising-falling crawler power mechanisms between said two adjacent power wheel. Can be used for transportation and cleaning of large area devices. Said four sets of power wheels and two sets of rising-falling crawler power mechanisms are respectively provided with power elements, so that the vehicle is equipped with six sets of power to assist it in various types of movement.

Organisation: Cheng Shiu University and Chung Shan Industrial & Commercial School

Innovator(s): Fa-Shian Chang, I Chang Hsu, Su Shang Chi, Ya Jin Lu, Guan Yu Li

Category: Transport and Logistics

Country: Taiwan

Gold Award