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Description: People who work in fisheries industry find difficulty in finding a good spot for fishing like for the high grade (tuna, sword etc.) and also fish of high quality is to be found as in the case of microplastic concentration increasing day by day, in the ocean or sea. The proposed solution shall give an efficient and easy interface for the people who go for weeks or months long fishing help boom in their industry.

The network of robots which moves in the water(specifically seas and oceans ) collects the data regarding parameters like salinity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, microplastic concentration and other parameters like time, year and geolocation, shall be sent to a base station where real-time data is processed through a neural network giving out a proximate location of fishing swordfish, tuna fish or any edible best quality fish (through the fact of microplastic concentration found over time as one of the parameters) for the fishermen, this just improves or helps fishery industry to grow exponentially. The proposed product has the special feature of collecting real-time dissolved oxygen data and also microplastic data and suggesting not only the highly concentrated fish area but also the best quality fish area as it got microplastic concentration detection as one of the parameters of the data. It uses an efficient neural network to give out the real-time probable locations of the high-density areas of fishing. Underwater communication there are two proposed solutions one which includes robots moving above the surface for transmission of data and other includes using acoustic signals through bases present over the seas or oceans. main features include. It has featured with unique added data visualization with probable fish find area - The transmission of data is through high power xbee modules through efficient program code involving movement of robot above surface of the sea for the transmission of data to down when to collect data. - Need of geolocation is only for transmitting geolocation to the base station. And coverage of data collection is through compass sensor and time variables. - Added features to detect microplastic makes it unique as it can also suggest the best place to fish for best quality fish. The power for this robot is through the solar panels placed over the robot which makes sure to have the battery charged when the robot is above the surface of water.

Organisation: Aquabotics

Innovator(s): Saikrishna Prathapaneni,Vineeth Y,Srinath,Praneeth,Vishnu J

Category: Agriculture

Country: India

Gold Award