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Communicator for Blind and Aphasic Persons with Alarm

Description: The machine for the blind is a box hung on the chest, which allows the blind to communicate with other people normally. For example, when a blind person communicates with a mute person and the mute person starts to do sign language, the box on the blind person's chest will translate the mute person's sign language and make a sound to tell the blind person what sign language the mute person is doing. It also prevents the blind from hitting walls, and helps the blind when in danger. For example, when the blind person is about 3 meters away from a wall, it will make a sound and vibrate to alert the person wearing it. Moreover, blind people can press a yellow button to make a beep sound when they’re in danger.

Because in 2021, the number of blind people in China exceeded 8 million, accounting for 20% of the world's blind population. When blind people meet mute or deaf people, they cannot communicate with each other, causing inconvenience and distress to all of them. For these reasons, we creat this Communicator for Blind and Aphasic Persons with Alarm. We glued 6 boards together to build the main body of the machine. In terms of detecting sign language, we used the object classification function in the Erha AI vision sensor to identify the type of sign language. At the same time, we used a gesture recognition sensor. When the hand starts to move, the paper used to cover the lens will be turned away by the servo, and the machine will start to recognize it. In addition, in terms of detecting walls, we used ultrasonic ranging sensors to identify how far we are from the wall. Moreover, it is very inconvenient for blind people to call the police when they are in danger. So we made a yellow button that when touched, it will make a buzzing sound to alert nearby people to the persons in danger. This smart machine can: 1. let the blind communicate with other people normally 2. prevent blind people from bumping into walls 3. help blind people in danger 4. let the blind live more conveniently and easily

Organisation: Pui Ching Middle School Macau


Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: Macau SAR

Gold Award