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Stopping Monoxide Poisoning Bathroom System

Description: Accidents and even deaths have sometimes occurred due to excessive carbon monoxide inhalation while bathing with gas water heaters. In addition to the function of detecting whether the carbon monoxide content in the bathroom exceeds the safety standard and the function of monitoring whether the person has fallen or fainted, my invention design also has the functions of automatically opening the window to discharge toxic gas, issuing a warning and opening the door lock. To assist the parties in self-rescue and be rescued to reduce casualties caused by accidents.

Automatically turn on and off the lights, which is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and convenient for users. Use the carbon monoxide detection module to automatically detect whether the carbon monoxide content in the bathroom exceeds the safety standard. When the harmful gas content in the room exceeds the safety standard, use the steering gear to control the window to open automatically to emit harmful gas. Resistive pressure sensors are laid around indoors and underground, and whether the pressure force stays at the same position for longer than the normal time can be used to judge whether the person in the bath has fainted. If it is determined, the red LED light will be automatically turned on and the buzzer will sound an alarm. The pre-set program controls the automatic opening of the electric door lock. While assisting self-rescue, shorten the time of the rescue process and provide convenience for rescue. Thereby reducing casualties caused by accidents caused by improper use of gas water heaters.

Organisation: Pui Ching Middle School Macau

Innovator(s): NG U WAI , CHOW I HIN

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: Macau SAR

Gold Award