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Land Boundary Visualization in Augmented Reality

Description: Due to delayed,manual official land survey and difficult interpretation of land boundaries from land paper records, leads to fear of encroachments, disputes and dependency on officials. The solution empowers rural people and real estate buyers to interpret the boundaries of their own land using AR.

The solution is an app where on typing their land registration number/standing at the location, it opens up a camera mode with 3d-model fence deployed at boundaries of the land in real-world to be viewed in augmented reality. In-app,upon direct feed of available data, admin can also feed the geo-coordinate corners of land by standing at infield,real to the world geo-coordinates corners of land. Augmented reality immersion as a solution is the best for the use case keeping in mind the naive user. Since the users to be delivered is a large spectrum, the built medium of smartphones is strategically enduring.This also democratizing the disruptive AR by bringing it to the hands of everyone

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): S Chethan Sai Krishna , K Saatwika Reddy

Category: Information Technology

Country: India

Gold Award