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Green Concerto

Description: This project aims to raise people’s awareness about the importance of returning to nature to enjoy its stunning scenery, enchanting tunes and regular rhythm. It will provide the person with relaxation and diving in its effects, which brings to him all its good, because he is the son of nature.

As a result of the corona virus and the isolation it caused, the person became a prisoner and had to move away from everything around him. And here I, Peter Nehme, as a Lebanese researcher, composer, and manufacturer of musical instruments bearing the trademark Peter's, and behind my passion for photography, I set out to the nature that brings the melody and the beautiful image together. My ambition was to transfer my picture and music to each person through social media in order to create a comfortable atmosphere and transfer nature in its image that inspires hope, comfort and relaxation in the heart of the one who has seen and heard my music through "Green Concerto".


Innovator(s): Peter Nehme

Category: Environment

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award