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Description: ECOLOO Sustainable Sanitation Solution that saves lives, water, energy and environment!

ECOLOO is an eco sanitation innovation that employs bacterial culture to convert the excreta into tiny particles, terminate the bad odour and process the urine until it becomes a natural fertilizer. This by-product is also odourless, pathogen free and rich in nutrients, making it perfect for organic farming. Besides being decentralized. ECOLOO is environmentally friendly, odour free, water free, sewage free, energy free and hassle free as it is very easy to be installed and maintained. Its by-product is also odour free, pathogen free and full of nutrients, perfect for organic farming. ECOLOO does not require water for flushing but water can still be used for hygiene or cleaning purposes. By using ECOLOO, one can save gallons of clean water from being flushed into septic tanks or sewage treatment plants and millions to billions of Dollars from being spent on sewage treatment and sewage transportation.


Innovator(s): Imag agi

Category: Agriculture

Country: Lebanon

Gold Award