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Automated Transport Management System

Description: This project Automated Transport Management System aims at safe & secure transport to the people

OBJECTIVE: To enable an automated transport management system MATERIALS: Raspberry pi 4, Xiao S3 sense, electromagnets, arduino, servo motors, batteries, toy vehicles, card board, laptop, etc PROCEDURE: Our team has developed an automated transport management system which enables accident control in the road transport system. Speed detection will be carried out by the Xiao raspberry pi which sends the alerts to the automobile owner to control their speed & to the traffic police about the information of the speeding vehicle. Speeding vehicles can be controlled with their speed by the application of magnetic levitation by the application of the electromagnets beneath the road which enables the speed control by the reduction of the speed of the speeding vehicles. Frequently, we observe that the vehicles of hit & run case may escape the site of accident. To prevent such incidents, we have built an automated barricade system which blocks the road as Xiao receives the signals of the speeding vehicles. The license plate info extractor will provide us the information of the vehicle details, about its owner, etc by reading the license plate of a vehicle. RESULT: This Automated Transport Management System will enable a safe & happy journey for the travelers and provides safety control system to the Government’s Department of Transport.

Organisation: The Platinum Jubilee High School

Innovator(s): G. Ruthwik, N. Amogh Sai, M. Daiwik, G. Rishivardhan, G. Sai Harshith

Category: Transport and Logistics

Country: India