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Multifunctional environmental friendly dog ​​walking artifact

Description: A multifunctional portable dog walking tool that reduces paper waste and plastic pollution

Multifunctional environmental friendly dog walking artifact HouKong Middle School, Macau With the development of society, the environment is deteriorating, plastic pollution and waste of resources have become the most important factors endangering the environment, and people's economic standards continue to rise, people's lives are becoming more and more comfortable, the rise in economic power has led many people to start keeping dogs, more and more people keep pets, the environmental problems caused by pets are also becoming more and more obvious, the streets and alleys of various types of green belts often have pet excrement, which greatly affects the appearance of the city, but also brings a bad living experience to residents. This has a significant impact on the cityscape and brings a bad living experience to the residents. Families with dogs often go out to walk their dogs, but they need to keep them on a leash to prevent them from getting lost, and sometimes they don't know how to clean up their pets' faeces. Most people use plastic bags to dispose of their excrement, but direct contact between our hands and the newspaper or plastic bags used to dispose of excrement still poses certain hygiene and environmental problems, as well as causing inconvenience to others. At the same time, as people become more aware of environmental protection, "low-carbon environmental protection" and "green office" have become widely discussed topics in modern times. Among these issues, paper waste has become a hot topic of discussion. Some figures show that the raw materials used to make paper are mainly wood, coal and water. It takes 0.875 tonnes of wood, 0.5 tonnes of coal and 375 tonnes of water to produce one tonne of paper, resulting in 35% of water pollution. Wasting paper means wasting resources. Newspapers, which we all have in our homes, have always had a high percentage of waste due to the special timeliness of news. As paper becomes brittle, it is more flammable and increases the risk of fire. Unused newspapers are wasted at home and are not easy to store, nor are they environmentally friendly. To address this situation, we planned to create a dog walking tool that would allow a person to dispose of their dog's excrement in an easy-to-use manner, while also being multi-functional and environmentally friendly. We also chose to use newspaper instead of plastic bags to reuse the waste newspaper, reducing plastic pollution and paper waste. Innovation: 1. Eco-friendly 2. clean and hygienic 3. easy to operate 4. portable 5. dog friendly Compared to common works in the market, this work is more convenient, cheaper, easy to operate, the material used is environmentally friendly, solves the problem of newspaper waste and plastic bag consumption, no discomfort for pets, with multi-functional hooks, can be used to hang dog leashes, handbags, shopping bags, etc., when walking the dog "free your hands".

Organisation: Hou Kong Middle School, Macau


Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: China

Gold Award