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Faraj complex Ventilator Project

Description: Brief description (max 300 characters) A new ventilator project designed to support Covid-19 patients and help the to survive while their lungs are under affection with the virus and help nurses, doctors, and hospitals to take medical care in hospital and ambulances for Covid-19 effect ants and support more than one patient at the same time using printed 3d adapters.

The problem to be solved by the invention The invention helps covid-19 affected persons to breath and take their need of mixed air and oxygen same as the job of their breathing system and to support several affected persons at the same time and terminate returned carbon dioxide from the patients using heat and dedicted filters. Also to help hospitals of Lebanon with a professional ventilator with a low production cost and covers the dangerous need for ventilators. The key innovative features of the invention to solve the problem The charcoal filter and chlorine filter. The heating technology used for air and humidity. The compressor concept used instead of ambo bag part. Using PLC and Arduino technologies to develop system features. The main advantages of the proposed solution Low cost parts used and ease of use interface and the ability to produce about 50 pieces per day if needed. Depends on a 12V powered compressor and not ambo bag as usual. Small to use and quick transfer between ambulance and hospital. The feature of charcoal and chlorine heated filter is the important point at this system. Ability to be developed using Arduino technology for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and GSM additions later.


Innovator(s): Ali Faraj

Category: Pharma

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award