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The Hand That Can "Drink Tea" -- Which Has Great Charm Like The Grapefruit

Description: Our study is mainly to uphold the concept of environmental protection, using the kitchen waste —— grapefruit peel , to play the performance of grapefruit peel as much as possible—— antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-aging, etc., make full use of resources. We will combine the essential oil extracted from grapefruit peel with our own special hand protection products, and develop a grapefruit essential oil hand protection product with multiple effects such as repair and moisturizing, natural degradation and low cost to the environment.

Research Background: In daily life, our hands keep contact with the external environment, whether it is laundry, cooking, cleaning, or the cold air in autumn and winter, will make the skin of the hands become dry, rough, fine lines, appear very old, serious will also lead to the knuckles calluses, or even chapped.Therefore, we want to develop a cream hand care product that can be highly moisturizing, antioxidant, light spots and firm skin. Materials: Shea butter oil, glycerol, emulsifier, Phenoxyethanol, 70ml of distilled water, grapefruit peel (5~10 drops of grapefruit peel essential oil). Instrument: Juicer, centrifuge, electronic scale, electric mixer, 250ml beaker, rubber head dropper Process: i. Make the oil phase part: 250g shea butter+5ml glycerol+1.25ml emulsifier ii. Make the water phase part: 70ml distilled water + 4 drops of phenoxyethanol iii. Dissolve the oil phase: heat the beaker with the oil phase in water and stir IV.Mix the oil phase with the water phase: Pour all the water phase into the beaker with the oil phase and stir until it is thick and smooth. v. Finally, add the essential oil, done! Innovation points / Advantages: 1、Turn waste into treasure: grapefruit peel contains a variety of beneficial ingredients to human health, so we want to use the waste product fully to play a variety of properties of grapefruit peel and improve the use value and economic effect of grapefruit peel. 2、The materials are mostly natural, safe and reassuring:The Essential oil is extracted from the grapefruit peel, so it is not harmful to the human body; Shea butter oil is a kind of vegetable oil extracted from the nuts of the endemic African plant —— shea butter tree. It is safe, non-toxic and has high nutritional value, and is widely used in cosmetics. 3、Environmental protection, but also for natural degradation: The material —— glycerin, used in this product, is biodegradable, it will decompose in the water, and there is no harm to the natural environment.

Organisation: Hou Kong Middle School, Macau


Category: Chemistry

Country: China

Gold Award