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Description: AL JAWHAR , Technological device whose goal is the human condition when deaf, deliver the sound to the deaf from a distance within a lecture hall or classrooms has an advantage when deaf that they relax to hear his very clear voice without lingering, and has the property that it is made in the form of a headset to deal with people everywhere and also benefit from others. Deaf people that they hear a sound that is much cleaner than the voices dependent on the guidance so that the deaf and those who are free of deafness benefit from it, and the deaf people can place the device in their home and through it they hear the television and the voices inside.

AL JAWHAR , a technological device that delivers sound to the deaf through the idea of issuing a surround sound from one point by loading the sound vibrations on the crystal surfaces of nitrogen and oxygen in full, so the sound is completely enclosed, even if the deaf is in any direction against the device and also supports the device by the arrival of sound through an electromagnetic pulse that partly exceeds the stage The view of the auditory nerve center is directly related to signal analysis in the brain. The sound is issued through an engineering shape that has twenty-four faces, and this is the maximum number of faces for the complete engineering shape. The possibility of manufacturing a headset according to its engineering map solves the biggest design problem. The device is made up of twenty-four loudspeaker and metal wires attached to copper coils to generate the electromagnetic pulse and broadcast it through the energy tissue so the sound is heard to the extent of the testimony of those who heard it as if it were in their bodies and not only with their ears .

Organisation: Lebanese Innovators’ Society

Innovator(s): Ahmad Rida HOUMANI

Category: Information Technology

Country: Lebanon

Bronze Award