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Automatic fire extinguisher and sensing device with Internet of things connection

Description: A smart motion sensing fire-extinguishing platform that can be combined with various types of wall-mounted fire extinguishers of the existing specifications, uses an array flame optical detection module to determine the flame position, and immediately responds to the sensor-connected fire extinguisher spray start switch, aiming at the fire source point for precise fire extinguishing, which has The battery can function when the power is off, and the power line communication and the wireless remote control coexist in communication.

Organisation: Cheng Shiu University and Chung Shan Industrial & Commercial School

Innovator(s): Fa-Shian Chang, Shu-Shiuan Chang, Jyh-Haw Chen, Su Shang Chi , WU,JIA-HONG

Category: Information Technology

Country: Taiwan

Gold Award