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GreenSight: The Intelligent Recycling Assistant

Description: This recycling machine features an AI-powered camera that identifies and sorts recyclable items on a conveyor belt, efficiently separating materials like glass, metal, and wood for streamlined waste management.

This innovative recycling machine revolutionizes the sorting process with its advanced AI-equipped camera system. Designed to recognize and categorize recyclable items with high accuracy, the machine functions with a conveyor belt similar to a treadmill, where items are placed for scanning. As objects move along the belt, the AI camera quickly determines their material composition, distinguishing between glass, metal, wood, and other recyclable materials. Once identified, the items are sorted accordingly, streamlining the recycling process and enhancing efficiency in waste management. This smart solution promises to significantly improve recycling rates and contribute to sustainable environmental practices.

Organisation: Ali Bin Abi Taleb Preparatory School for Boys

Innovator(s): Ibrahim Waleed M I Al- Jananhi

Category: Electronics, Robotics, IoT

Country: Qatar

Gold Award