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The car automatic timer

Description: The car automatic timer.

The car automatic timer . My name is Duan Mufeng from Tianjin Experimental Primary School. I really enjoy remote controlled racing cars and practice regularly. Racing involves two people racing at a speed, but sometimes it's just me training myself that I can't compare. I think if I could record my grades every time, I could practice on my own. I made this device using the ultrasonic sensor I learned in robot class and connected it to a screen display. When the car starts from the starting point, it passes through the infrared sensor and starts timing. When the car passes through the infrared sensor again, the lap ends, the timing stops, and the time is displayed on the screen, so that the results can be recorded. When I was testing this timing device, I recalled the knowledge I had learned in my math class that the speed of a racing car can be calculated using the formula of distance ÷ time=speed. The shortest the time,the faster the speed.So I added two photoelectric obstacle avoidance devices and divided the track into three sections, so that after the car completes one lap, I can get different speeds for each section. By comparing the speeds of different sections of each lap, it is possible to analyze which sections of the car can still accelerate or to what extent it needs to slow down when passing through the curve. This training is more scientific. Let me demonstrate for you now. With this invention, my remote control technology has significantly improved and I always hope to break my own records.

Organisation: Tianjin Experimental Primary School

Innovator(s): Duan Mufeng

Category: Young inventors

Country: China

Gold Award