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Saltwater Power Generation Ship

Description: Invention Explanation: power generation Ship can produce electricity using Salty Sea, no need for fossil fuels and without any environmental pollution. This machine can easily generate clean energy at no cost.

Exclusivity of Saltwater power generation Ship: More than 90% of the world's commercial goods are transported by sea and by ship which their main fuel is Gasoline, a fossil fuel. As all know fossil fuel in the world is unlimited and unfortunately expiring. Today, the world's biggest concern is to replace fossil fuels with other energy sources at the lowest cost and more importantly producing clean energy. Also, environmental Challenges and Consultation for Environmental Protection Strategy is another Concern in the World Today. All these concerns are considered in my invention. The ship does not have Internal or external similar analogous and first designed by myself. The invention is capable of generating electricity using salt that is abundant in the seas and oceans.


Innovator(s): Mr.Mohammad Jamifar

Category: Environment

Country: Iran

Gold Award