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The Anti-strangled Fish Protection Boat

Description: The Anti-strangled Fish Protection Boat

Human activities are now affecting life of ocean animals. For example, the propeller of ships will kill some small fish, the died fish will attract some big fish such as sharks and whales, the big fish will be killed by propellers again, it is a shocking sight. So I want to design a device to protect ocean fish. When I was watching science and education videos, I saw that dolphins will use bubble wall to prevent fish school from going away. So I want to use this principle. the device can produce bubble wall on both sides of the ship's propeller. This device will not affect the normal navigation of the ship, the fish school will not be close to propeller, and big fish will not be killed too. This device is named ” The Anti-strangled Fish Protection Boat”. In the future, I will try to use other methods, such as sound and light, doing the same device. I hope that ocean fish will not be harmed by human activities.

Organisation: Tianjin Experimental Primary School

Innovator(s): Wanting Zhao

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: China

Gold Award