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Intelligent Cloud Alarm and Fire Extinguishing System for Electric Vehicles

Description: Using Arduino and UNO intelligent platform, integrating engineering technology, communication technology, cloud alarm system to achieve efficient and intelligent fire extinguishing system.

Electric car charging frequently causes fire, many owners charge at night, resulting in accidents occurring the first time no one knows, delaying the best time to put out the fire! This new intelligent fire extinguishing system, with the help of Arduino and UNO platform, effective integration of engineering technology, communication technology, cloud alarm system, to achieve rapid detection, timely alarm, accurate fire extinguishing tasks. The device uses flame sensors, TB6600 driver, 42 stepper motor, relays, limit switches, LM2596SS adjustable buck module, bi-directional voltage converter and other engineering components, with the help of the UNO intelligent platform and 4G cloud alarm system for precision depth fusion, to achieve the Internet of Things and the combination of traditional charging carport for efficient and accurate fire extinguishing, and effectively safeguard the people's lives and property! safety.

Organisation: Macau University of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): Yibin Peng

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: China

Gold Award