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Beautiful and Easy to Disassemble Expansion Bolt

Description: This is a new type of expansion bolt designed using the self-locking phenomenon in physics. It is beautiful, easy to disassemble, and easy to make, solving many problems of traditional expansion bolts.

The invention of traditional expansion bolts help people fix objects on cement floors and brick walls. But we have also found problems with its use, such as the long exposed screws after tightening, resulting in unsightly objects; When the object is not in use, it is difficult to remove the swollen bolts, and protruding bolts can easily cause problems such as tire blowouts and tripping pedestrians, posing serious safety hazards. To address these issues, we have designed an expansion bolt that is structurally simple, aesthetically pleasing, safe, easy to install, and easy to disassemble. This type of bolt is formed by two metal sleeves forming an inclined plane, which compresses each other and causes misalignment when tightening the screws, resulting in overall expansion and achieving fastening of the object. This design proposes a new type of expansion bolt structure by utilizing the phenomenon of inclined self-locking in physics, which solves the problem of traditional expansion bolts having an unattractive appearance and being difficult to disassemble. This design has low cost, simple structure, and can be reused, reducing resource waste.

Organisation: Zhuhai No.2 High School

Innovator(s): Haoran Sun, Yi Zheng, Meixuan Ji

Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: China

Silver Award