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Breathe -The Air we share

Description: Air pollution is a serious crisis which ruins the future generations. As of increasing population daily. Lots of exploitation of resources takes place which in turn it causes pollution. Mainly the pollution due to vehicles and industries leads to much damage of health hazards and turned out to be one of the major problem world is facing. A device to make different customizations at different places to detect excessive gas releases and to reduce pollution.

Devices which can be used in different zones in wide variety of applications. Industries: Placed at various locations in the industry where pollution level can be monitored by industry as well as Govt-officials and if readings crossed beyond the threshold value then siren horns to alert the people staying around industries. In this way,we can prevent gas leakages and can save the lives of innocent people and warns before accident occurs. Cities: Metropolitan cities where pollution level is high(at high traffic signal Crossings can be viewed by public through an application and pollution check points at petrol bunks). Used in different zones like:Coal mines,factories,labaratories,communities,chemical industries etc.,

Organisation: Sreenidhi institute of science and technology

Innovator(s): Aitha Sreesurya, Dachepally Manjunath, Md Nihal Asjad, Nithin Chatla, Kuncharapu Srikar Reddy

Category: Home/Healthcare/Fitness

Country: India

Silver Award