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Calorie Alarm Bracelet

Description: The current invention is a bracelet that detects a person's need for food, drink, sleep, and rest, so that it gives alert signals that he needs current food, salt, water, or rest, and gives the amount of your personal need for calories. It consists of a bracelet equipped with an electronic screen on which audio and video alerts appear. The body of the bracelet is made of plastic, rubber, or metal of various types. An electronic screen that shows the appropriate daily calories for the user and shows the level of oxygen and sugar, exercise time, time to eat the next meal, and activity level. A laser device, is a measure of vital indicators such as sugar and a measure of the level of oxygen in the blood.

Organisation: Highly Innovative and Unique Foundation

Innovator(s): Nouf Nasser Al-Dossari

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: Saudi Arabia

Silver Award