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Improved Coloplast Ostomy Bag (iCOB)

Description: The Coloplast Ostomy Bag is a handy device that comes in a variety of sizes. It is especially helpful for persons who have had a colostomy operation to eliminate waste from the body through the stoma/ostomy. It is a transfer bag with a flanged area that is applied to the human skin with an adhesive piece and a detachable pouch that holds the waste. While using this bag, patients become bothered by the high voice of abdominal gases, which puts them in an awkward position when they interact with others in public places or even with their family members. To address this issue, very thin soundproofing foam slats could be put to the ostomy bag, reducing or absorbing the gas voices and making the patient more comfortable, adaptive and welcome to use it in all conditions.

Organisation: Highly Innovative and Unique Foundation

Innovator(s): Prof. Dr. Najia A. Alzanbagi

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: Saudi Arabia

Gold Award