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SD-BELT ( Social Distancing Belt)

Description: • To have a growth in the development of world's economy, the main aspect people should follow is Social Distancing as of Covid 19 crisis. Social Distancing is especially needed: • To prevent the spread of Corona Virus. • To be secure and Safe after the effect of covid.

• Rapid spread of Virus via contact based is the only chance to spread the virus soon. So in order to maintain proper social distancing accurately, we have come up with an idea for Safe Guarding themselves that is SD-Belt which monitors especially in the public places, Hospitals, schools, colleges, offices etc. The belt has many features which also give comfort to the people. And if the social distancing rules are violated then the people get alertness to maintain distancing. Our product works in maintaning of Social Distancing. Its functions are detecting the person when he/she violates the rule of Social Distancing and gives signal. • If the person violates for more than 2 times in a day the information will be sent to the police station if the person is in quarantine. • If the Quarantined person unfortunately enters the red zone area there will be a caution to him. • The integration of all the features are done on a single product. The information of the quarantined people violating social distancing will be notified through a Database on the smartphone to the Police which reduces the maximum spread of virus.

Organisation: SG-SOLUTIONS

Innovator(s): Mandepudi Rani Chowdary, Akkenapally Harshith, Peddi Ashritha, Bujagale Akash

Category: Home/Healthcare/Fitness

Country: India

Silver Award