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QVibe- therapeutic frequency generating device

Description: QVibe- therapeutic frequency generating device

Q Vibe is a therapeutic frequency generating device an inovative concept made out of frequencies that are imprinted on it, the final result is a special, unique algorithm, modified according to the pathologies of the patients. It is successfully used în balanceing certain pathologies, it contributes to the state of health' s optimization, according to the improvement of the clinical and paraclinical paramethers. The algorithm is a unique concept, made out of special frequencies, imprinted in a special order, according to the patient’s pathologies; Q Vibe is a unique device, energetically imprinted, that will optimize the state of health.

Organisation: Holistic Lounge SRL

Innovator(s): Oana Codruta Bacean Miloicov

Category: Medicine, Biotechnology and Medical Devices

Country: Romania

Gold Award